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The Michal Sela Safe@Home Hackathon is the first and only Hackathon world-wide that is dedicated to saving lives and preventing domestic violence.

Michal Michal Sela was a social worker who was brutally murdered in her home on October 3, 2019 when she was only 32 years old. Her husband and the father of her baby girl is the accused suspect. 

After this horrible tragedy, Michal’s sister, Lily Ben-Ami, founded the “Michal Sela Forum.” Lily recognized the need to educate the public about the warning signs of domestic violence, and that technology could be used in new and creative ways to prevent the next murder. 

The Michal Sela Safe@Home Hackathon in Israel is the first and only technological event designed for the development of startups to save lives and prevent violence against women in their home.

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Nothing About Us Without Us

Hackathon Michal Sela

Michal Sela Forum


Goals of the Hackathon Michal Sela Safe@Home

To create a new ecosystem of technologies to prevent the modern of women caused by domestic violence. The main goal of the Hackathon is to plan, construct, and develop life-saving technology projects that will path a practical and innovative path to prove that there are solutions to prevent domestic violence and that it can be defeated. Eating a new ecosystem of technologies to prevent women's murder and domestic violence. The main Hackathon goals are- planning, construction and development of life-saving technological projects, thus leading a practical and innovative way proving that there are solutions and that terror and domestic violence can be defeated.


Increasing awareness to the problem of domestic violence in general and the growing incidents worldwide with the onset of the coronavirus


Engaging the High-Tech community and its strengths to the advancement of the technological initiatives of the forum


Making use of the wisdom of the crowd to suggest more technological initiatives in each category


Creation of a joint community for technological professionals and security / government agencies willing to look at the problem with advanced "out of the box"with the vision of "zero women killed per year"


The Hackathon challenges were defined by the Michal Sala Forum in collaboration with the Ministry of Welfare and the Inter-Ministerial Committee of the Government National Program for Acting against Violence against Women. As part of the holistic, creative and pragmatic thinking that underlies the activities of the Michal Sala Forum - the challenges are aimed at addressing all circles of influence:



Track 2
“Nothing About Us Without Us”

Track 1

Community developers


Booths presenting ideas


Submitting ideas for the Hackaton

Entrepreneurship workshops

Submitting ideas to the Hackathon


Presenting Teams:
Google , 8200

Team building by the entrepreneur

Booths presenting ideas

50 hours of Safe@Home Hackaton

developing the projects


Finals at the house of Israel President hosted by the President Mr. Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin.

The day after

Accelerator Michal Sela

Individual accompaniment of five startups

from “Nothing About Us Without Us״

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